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about DR KATE

Kate helps organisations that want to do the right thing achieve good, long lasting change. Her clients include:


  • Government agencies

  • Funders & philanthropists

  • Research bodies & community builders

all of whom claim an aspiration to do the right thing for society.

She offers the following services:

Kate is the founder of Citizens 4 Change, a social lab that seeks to understand and resolve the complex social challenge of violence against children.

See her work at Citizens 4 Change

Data science for social impact. Kate has developed a tech platform that enables us to listen to, talk with, and learn from people who behave prosocially and who live on the digital margins.

Explore the data platform Kate is developing at ConnectGo BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW

Participatory & Appreciative Action. Research that enables people on the margins to find their voice and undertake collective action. Kate’s ongoing research seeks to understand how East Africans resolve the collective action problem of violence against women & children.

Read more of her writing BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW




Use of the social return on investment methodology to estimate the social value being created by development interventions.

Facilitation & coaching with young leaders and civil society activists. Kate is an evidence based coach who provides leaders with constructive challenges; supports them to take up new perspectives; and helps them build their emotional literacy and capacity to be a servant leader.

Strategy & Programme Design with organisations to help them determine their mission and how to realise it; how to measure the social value that they create; and how to manage organisational and cultural change.

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